Mary-Howell & Klaas Martens

are organic farmers, with about 1400 acres of organic corn, soybeans, small grains (wheat, spelt, barley, oats, triticale), field peas, winter peas, dark red kidney beans, and edamame soybeans. They have been farming organically since 1993. They also raise organic cows, pigs, chickens, and most importantly, 3 children – Peter, Elizabeth and Daniel. Peter has recently joined them working on the farm and is starting his own organic grain farm, and now Elizabeth is a pre-vet student at Cornell University. Mary-Howell is at the mill everyday, in charge of both the business end of the feed business and the seed division of Lakeview. ATTRA website

Pete Messmer

Pete has recently joined us, and comes with considerable experience of his
own, as a former highway engineer in Steuben and Tompkins Counties, and
a Cornell civil engineering degree. He is also no stranger to farming! For years, he has worked with his brother’s operation, Lively Run Goat Farm,
in Interlaken, and Pete and his son are in the process of developing a certified organic sheep operation on the family farm in Interlaken. He also
supervised feed production at Keystone Mills for several years. He is married, with 4 nearly grown children.

Robbie Herman

Robbie is recently out of the Army, specializing in air defense systems and has a background in criminal justice. He spent time on deployment to Kuwait. He is now enthusiastically learning the complex process of grinding feed, bagging and assembling orders, providing customer service, and assisting with the endless repairs. He and his wife have one daughter, Morgan, who is 5.

Sheila Foster

Sheila is that cheerful, caring, helpful voice you hear when you call Lakeview.   A city girl, Sheila has learned an amazing amount about farming and farmers during time she has been working at Lakeview, answering the phones, preparing delivery slips, waiting on customers, and keeping up with inventory.

Ed Tears

Quietly and cheerfully, Ed assists with feed grinding each morning, carefully measuring the minerals and other supplements so each batch receives the correct amount.  He also monitors the grain bins here and at the farm, keeps the grinding bins well supplied, he helps to maintain the trucks and other equipment, bags countless bags of feed, and helps with most other mill operations.

Stewart Breeds

There isn't much that Stewart can't do around here - assisting with feed grinding, facility maintenance, truck repair, grain drying and handling, bagging, and seed order assembly.  Stewart's ability and willingness to do many different things never ceases to impress us.

Rick Smith

Rick is a new graduate from Cornell University in Agricultural Science.  He has a strong interest in sustainable agriculture and has worked on research projects studying climate change in wetlands.  He is now working as seed production manager, cleaning and bagging seed, managing warehouse inventory, packing orders, and providing customer service, while learning the finer details of seed physiology and seed technology, and assisting with other projects at the mill.

Joe Zerbey

Joe, his wife and children have a thriving organic vegetable farm and CSA in Rock Stream, selling at several farmers markets around the area. But, they also raise organic chickens and turkeys and that’s how we met him, through our feed! Joe works the ‘off season’ at Lakeview, assisting with seed bagging, seed orders, and feed grinding.

Jason Aultman

Jason has driven feed truck for many years for another local company and is very familiar with farm driveways, feed trucks and feed handling, but he is also great here at the mill, bagging feed, providing customer service, and assisting with repairs.  He and his wife have two small daughters.

Dale Norton
We are happy to have another skilled truck driver, Dale, available when we need him, always willing to move grain from farm to mill, to deliver feed in a pinch, and to make other deliveries as needed.
Jack Aumick

Jack drives our feed trailer that we lease to our local Penn Yan Marchionda Trucking company. We appreciate how hard he, and Doug and Penne Marchionda work each week to make sure our feed gets delivered on time, despite challenging weather, farm driveways and schedules.

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